What is the CPR in the cable world?

The Construction Products Regulation (CPR) is the new European legislation that sets out the basic requirements and harmonised essential characteristics that all products intended for use in construction must meet within the EU.

What is the CPR in the cable world?

How are they classified?

In the case of electrical cables, it defines classes, B2ca, Cca, Dca and Eca to determine the contribution to the development of fire and the emission of hazardous substances.
These classes refer to the fire growth rate (FIGRA = Fire Growth Rate) and the heat release. In other words, B2ca would have maximum fire safety, while class Eca would have basic fire safety.
In addition, classes B2ca, Cca and Dca define additional criteria that set requirements on the amount of smoke emitted (s1, s2, s3), the release of flaming droplets and particles during combustion (d0, d1, d2), and the acid content or toxicity of the emitted smoke (a1, a2, a3).

Declaration of Benefits. (DoP)

The manufacturer must draw up a Declaration of Performance (DoP), stating the manufacturer, cable identification, evaluation system used (AVCP), applicable standard, certifying body and CPR classification of the product.



All cables shall be identified with CE labelling, including the manufacturer's data, the corresponding DoP, the cable identification, its intended uses and its CPR classification.


ISO 90001: 2015

Distribution, manufacture and sale of special cables.

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