Our range of mining, drilling and tunnelling cables covers all industry-specific applications, from infrastructure to equipment. It also covers all underground metro and tunneling applications such as power, signalling, control and communications. Condenerg's mining, drilling and tunnelling cables are designed to perform in the harshest conditions and exposure to the harshest elements on the planet, such as ultraviolet light, salt water, water with aggressive debris, oil or grease, high mechanical stresses, and abrasion. Their robust design ensures the reliability of the equipment they supply, reducing the risk of failure and therefore downtime, which is often costly and can even compromise operational safety.

We work with coal mines and others extracting precious metals such as gold, copper and platinum, to facilitate the operations of some of the most recognised names in the industry, both in open pit surface mines and underground mines. Our mining and tunnelling cables offer significant benefits to a wide range of specialised mining professionals, such as original equipment manufacturers, specifiers, contractors, installers or mining companies.

We offer a wide range of products suitable for the low or medium voltage sector, mostly made of EPR or PUR such as (N)SHÖU-O, (N)SHÖU-O-J, (N)SHTÖU, (N)3GHSSYCY, (N)3GHSSHCH, (N)SSCHÖU-O, (N)SSCHÖU-J, (N)TSCGEWÖU, DM2N, RVKVMV-K and RVMV-K. Longer life cables with a business model that improves project delivery times.

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