In applications ranging from air, sea, rail and road transport to the vertical mobility industry (lifts) on every continent, Condenerg's cable solutions form the basis of major international projects, providing our customers with high-performance, durable and safe technology.


In designing the Condenerg range of cables for airport use, we have pursued maximum operational reliability; a range that covers all safety-critical applications, from lighting and high-speed data cabling for air traffic control, to power and emergency cables. Many copper or fibre optic cables are designed to resist water, UV radiation, antifreeze, oils and grease, ensuring the continued service of lighting systems on runways and taxiways, as well as in buildings. FAA L-824 Primary or Secondary runway lighting cables (type B or C), in 600V or 5KV, shielded in copper strip, brass, tinned copper braid or unscreened.


Our range of railway cables are suitable for all power and communication systems as well as signalling and control devices that operate in these infrastructures. In railway applications, cables are often installed in very demanding locations, such as tunnels and deep underground lines, where it is crucial that fire-related risks are not increased and communication points are secured in urgent circumstances. We offer complete cable solutions, designed for projects in underground lines and tunnels, according to the requests and needs of each customer and their project. Fire resistant (AS+), halogen-free cables such as SZ1-K, SOZ1-K, SOZ1MZ1-K, RZ1MZ1-K (AS+) or RZ1FZ1-K (AS+). Optical fibres with all types of sheaths and shields from 6 to 144 fibres, in loose or tight tube, with dielectric or metallic armouring. The range is completed by communication cables under Spanish standards, such as EAPSP, EAPSP-R, EATST, CCPSSP, CCPSSP-R or CCTSST or under French standards, such as ZC03, ZPFU, ZPAU and ZPGU cables. Multi-conductor, pair, shielded pair or quad formations.


Condenerg distributes a complete range of marine cables including power, control, instrumentation, data transmission and communication cables. Aiming for improved performance, reliability and safety for both passengers and cargo, ensuring continuous and optimal operation. The shipbuilding industry demands products that must be easy to install (peel and bend), light and small, resistant to water, salt spray, fire, abrasion, hydrocarbons, low smoke and halogen-free: LMKK cables.

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