Our communication cables cover a wide range of applications, including voice, data and signal transmission using different cable constructions such as fibre optic, coaxial, copper and twisted pair. Whatever your capacity, transmission or interference needs, we deliver outstanding telecommunications projects. We offer complete solutions for all your telecommunications network needs.

We combine our wide range of cables and connectivity and our extensive experience in network design and engineering to provide you with tailor-made solutions. LAN cables, in U/UTP, F/UTP, U/FTP, F/FTP, SF/FTP, SF/FTP constructions, with different data rates, from category 8, 7A, 7 cables with their 2000 Mhz, to the widely used category 6A, 6 and 5e cables.

All these products can be for both indoor and outdoor installations, and with PVC, PE, LSZH, PUR or NBR sheaths, depending on your installation needs and/or CPR compliance requirements.

Telephone cables, such as ITC, J-Y(St)Y, SYT C2 with PVC sheaths or J-H(St)H and SYT SH with LSZH sheath or CR1 C1 9/10, JE-H(St)H FE180 PH120 E30-E90 for those applications where fire performance requirements are the most demanding. For outdoor applications, armoured cables type EAP or SYT2 are available. Coaxial cables designed to comply with the protocols established in industrial standards, CT100 or CCTV, such as KX-6, RG-59, RG-11, Combining coax + power, KX-7 or KX-6 + power.

We supply a complete range of fibre optic cables (OM1, OM2, OM3, OM4, OS2, G.652 or G.657) in accordance with the different international standards, for domestic, tertiary use, or for more complex applications with SWA, SWB or CST armouring and protection against rodents and protection against UV, RH, anti-fungus, or other external elements. We are a leader in cable systems and connectivity products for voice, video and data transmission. Whatever your needs or your business, we can help you meet your current or future requirements.

If you have any inquire, we are here to help you.