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Electronic equipment.

February 2021By Condenerg
Technical advice and supply of electronic equipment at a professional level for Switching, Fiber to copper converters and even Wifi.
We talk from simple environments with unmanaged equipment to more complex situations in Layer3.
We also cover advice on industrial range electronics for tropicalised environments.
Condenerg is a partner of the main manufacturers to cover a wide range of solutions.

New range of accessories for installations.

November 2020By Condenerg

We are expanding our product portfolio by making the following materials available to our customers:

  • Piping systems: corrugated pipes, rigid pipes, steel pipes, etc., depending on the project environment.
  • Complete range of accessories for the aforementioned conduits (PVC and metal boxes, fittings, elbows, clamps, etc.).
  • Complete systems of workstations for surface, recessed, floor, column, profiles, among others. They can be: electrical and data, only electrical or multimedia.

Cable supply for Aceros Arequipa (Peru)

September 2020By Condenerg

With a capacity of 1.25 million tons, Aceros Arequipa starts up its new steelworks, making it the most modern steelworks in the world.

  • High temperature resistant cables (250ºC) shielded and unscreened.
  • Type S thermocouple cables
  • Anti-rodent cables for UPS power supply
  • Anti-rodent cables for power supply of frequency inverters.
  • SWA armoured fibre optic cables
  • Data, Profinet, Profibus and Cat 6A armoured cables
  • Multipair cables from 2 to 25 shielded control and instrumentation conductors, low halogen and flame retardant.

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