MMC - Multimedia Connect

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MMC Multimedia Connect

In response to the needs of our customers and a market that requested a more complete solution, Condenerg has obtained an exclusive framework agreement for several years to distribute telecommunications solutions of the prestigious brand Multimedia Connect.

This exclusivity for the Spanish market allows us to offer all our customers, partners or distributors a unique, exclusive and differential solution of superlative quality.

Created in 1993, Multimedia Connect is the leading brand in several European markets for structured copper cabling, fibre optics, racks and accessories. With a "smart and simple" spirit, the products are designed to make the installer's and user's job easier by offering innovative products. Copper cabling solutions, from CAT5e to CAT8, are certified by independent laboratories and offer a high degree of performance and reliability, complemented by a range of fibre optic solutions for indoor and/or outdoor network installations. Multimedia Connect also offers a range of racks to suit all applications, effectively combining aesthetics and functionality.

MMC Multimedia Connect

In addition to the full range of MMC copper cables, fibre optic cables and racks, MMC offers a wide range of accessories and connectors, which complement the requirements of the complete system. This perfect scheme allows us to offer a 25-year system guarantee from Multimedia Connect and the advantage of belonging to the brand's official integrator channel, which offers protection in projects, more personalised support and access to the latest product innovations.

  • Complete systems in structured copper cabling with laboratory certificates for permanent and channel links.
  • Complete fibre optic systems for horizontal, vertical and long distance links.
  • Complete range of Racks, Murals and a wide portfolio of accessories in 19".
  • Complete systems for industrial environment (cables, connectivity or axindus range).

All MMC products and systems are certified by laboratories to guarantee consistent quality and performance in compliance with international cabling standards. Companies such as Delta, Intertek, SGS or 3P Third Party Testing certify all Multimedia Connect product ranges.

Condenerg's Telecommunications business unit offers study, development and personalised advice for your projects in cable systems and connectivity products for voice, video and data transmission.

If you have any inquire, we are here to help you.