DATAX-COM Z1OZ1-K (AS) 300/500V


DATAX-COM Z1OZ1-K (AS) 300/500V


Conductor: Flexible polished copper rope class V s/. NTP-IEC 60228.
Insulation: NTP - Halogen-free compound Z1.
Identification: Red, Black, White, Green, Brown, Blue
Assembly: Concentrically wired insulated conductors.
Outer cover: NTP - Halogen-free Z1 compound.
Color: Grey RAL-7001

Halogen free Halogen free
Flexible cable Flexible cable
Low smoke opacity Low smoke opacity
Low gas corrosiveness Low gas corrosiveness
Fire retardant Fire retardant
Flame retardant Flame retardant

Technical data / Regulations.

Operating voltage: 300/300V
Test voltage: 1000 V
Operating temperature: -15... +70ºC
(Construction) Basado en la norma UL 444 - UL Standard for Safety Communications Cables.
(Construction) UNE-EN 50288-7 - Multi-element metallic cables used for the transmission and control of analogue and digital signals. Intermediate specification for instrumentation and control cables.
(Insulation) NTP - Halogen-free compound Z1.
(Sheath) NTP - Halogen-free Z1 compound.
(Fire) NTP-IEC 60754-2 - Low corrosiveness of fumes.
(Fire) NTP-IEC 60754-1 - Halogen-free.
(Fire) NTP-IEC 61034 - Low smoke emission.
(Fire) NTP-IEC 60332-3 - Fire retardant.
(Fire) NTP-IEC 60332-1 - Flame-retardant.


Part Number (X= packaging type):

7003404C/X DATAX Z1Z1-K 4x0.34 mm² (22AWG) 300V LSZH
7003406C/X DATAX Z1Z1-K 6x0.34 mm² (22AWG) 300V LSZH
700210C/X DATAX Z1Z1-K 2x1.0 mm² (18AWG) 300V LSZH

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