CONDEFLEX Cat6 F/UTP 4x2xAWG23 350 MHz PE Fca


CONDEFLEX Cat6 F/UTP 4x2xAWG23 350 MHz PE Fca


Elemento central: Polyethylene cross separator.
Conductor: Solid Polished Copper AWG23.
Insulation: UNE-EN 50290-2-23 - Polyethylene for insulation.
Identifications: Bl / Az-Az, Bl/Ve-Ve, Bl/Nj-Nj, Bl/Ma-Ma
Assembly: Pairs
Protector: Polyester ribbon.
Pantalla general Al/Pet: Aluminium/Polyester Tape.
Drenaje general: Solid tinned copper AWG24.
Outer cover: UNE-EN 50290-2-24 - Polyethylene for roofing.
Color: Black

CONDEFLEX Cat6 F/UTP 4x2xAWG23 350 MHz PE Fca
CPR Compilant CPR Compilant
Halogen free Halogen free
Low smoke opacity Low smoke opacity

Technical data / Regulations.

Clasificación CPR: Fca
Operating voltage: 100/100V
Test voltage: 1000 V
Operating temperature: -15... +70ºC
(Construction) IEC-61156-5 - Multicore and symmetrical pair/quad cables for digital communications - Part 5: Symmetrical pair/quad cables with transmission characteristics up to 1 000 MHz - Horizontal floor wiring - Sectional specification
(Insulation) UNE-EN 50290-2-23 - Polyethylene for insulation.
(Sheath) UNE-EN 50290-2-27 - Halogen-free Z1 compound.
(Fire) UNE-EN 60754-2 (IEC 60754-2) - Low corrosiveness of fumes.
(Fire) UNE-EN 61034 (IEC 61034) - Low smoke emission.
(Fire) UNE-EN 60754-1 (IEC 60754-1) - Halogen-free.
(Fire) UNE-EN 60332-1 (IEC 60332-1) - Flame-retardant.
(Directives) 2014/35/EU - Low Voltage Directive.
(Directives) 2011/65/EU - RoHS Directive.
(System) UNE-EN 50173-1 - Information technology - Generic cabling systems - Part 1: General requirements.
(System) ISO/IEC 11801 Edition 2 - CLASSE E - Information technology -- Generic cabling.

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