Customised cables

Condenerg's technical engineering team has a wealth of experience in advising customers on cable selection in accordance with established specifications, as well as in the design of customised cables to meet the particular requirements of each application.

Our technical engineering team works hand in hand with the sales and logistics team to provide customised cabling solutions. We can design and manufacture a specific cable to improve efficiency, or to overcome the limitations of a specific installation. Our technical team will work with you to create a cable that meets your specific needs. Our technical experts are experienced in custom-designing cabling solutions for any market, application, service, need or approval.

As well as advising on the new design, we can offer to manufacture the cable in small minimum order quantities and with the most competitive lead times in the industry. This customisation service includes:

  • Custom designed cables.
  • Designs according to the specifications of a special application.
  • Manufacture in non-standard sections and/or lengths.
  • Design of mixed or hybrid cables for customised applications.
  • Cables with personalised legend at the request of our customer or distributor.

For more information or to discuss possible customised cabling solutions, please contact our technical support hotline on +34 93 770 3621 or +34 91 708 5030, or send an email to

If you have any inquire, we are here to help you.