Automation and process control

We offer a wide range of industrial cables for automation and process control applications, ensuring operational reliability for industries where avoiding unplanned maintenance is a priority.

From power distribution cables for production lines, automated machinery and safety systems, to data communication cables responsible for the smooth operation of control equipment. In the most demanding applications on every continent, our special cable solutions support the business of leading industries and technologies.

Instrumentation and control cables.

Our range of industrial automation and process control cables offering data and signal transmission is as wide as the number of industrial sectors in which they are used.

These include the more classical flexible control cables CY and YY in PVC, or the common European industrial automation cables such as LiYYY, LIHH, YSLY-OZ, -JZ, HSLH-OZ, -JZ and their shielded equivalents LiYCY, LiHCH, YSLCY, HSLCH, or the RC4V-K, RC4Z1-K, ROC4V-K or NYCWY, suitable for VFD frequency inverters.

Available in PVC, PE, XLPE and LSZH sheathing materials and manufactured according to European standards EN 50288-7, IEC 60502, EN 50525-2-51, VDE 0285 or HAR, such as H05VVV-F, H07VVV-F, H05RR-F and Arctic Grade cables. SY cables with mechanical protection with steel wire braid are also available.

Within the industrial range, Condenerg manufactures all types of shielded instrumentation cables in aluminium tape, in different versions and types of sheaths and metal armouring; cables such as VOV-K, VHOV-K, Z1OZ1-K, Z1HOZ1-K, Z1HOZ1-K, EGSF, EISF, EIFA, EGFA, RE-2X(St)Y, RE-2X(St)H, -SWA, -Pimf, -Timf.

Industrial Ethernet cables: Profibus PA, Profibus DP, Fieldbus, Profinet, KNX/EIB and DeviceNet cables for HMI and PLC control systems in BUS networks. Suitable for high-speed data transmission. Category 7 Ethernet cable with polyurethane sheathing for data rates of 10 GB/s over 100 m is also available for Profinet B applications and is backwards compatible with category 6a, 6 and 5e cabling.

High temperature cable: More specialised cables are also available, such as high temperature resistant silicone cables of +180°C or +250°C, used by these same companies in areas where our cables must work in extreme conditions and meet stringent safety standards. Cables referenced as SIF, SIHF, SIHF(St), SIHF-C, SIF-GL or SIF-PO.

Polyurethane (PUR) sheathed cables: For installation environments where the maintenance of hygienic operations is paramount, a polyurethane cable may be appropriate and prevents the spread of bacteria throughout the installation. PUR-insulated control and automation cables are available as standard, such as H05BQ-F, H07BQ-F, enconder or PE/ PUR-C servo motors, as well as the option of re-jacketing other cable types with PUR.


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