A specialised application demands specialised cables, and our range of cables for the oil, gas and petrochemical industries covers virtually every application in the sector. Whether it's exploration and production, pipelines and LNG, hydrogen plants or refineries and petrochemicals, we are always there for our customers, developing solutions that can make a positive impact on the project.

We supply LV power, data and control cables, with a wide range of PVC sheaths with resistance to high operating temperatures, oils, chemicals, hydrocarbons, UV, salt water immersion, mechanical and thermal stresses (SWA / XLPE), as well as cables with a blue outer sheath for intrinsically safe circuits. In addition, we manufacture instrumentation cables in LSZH and flame retardant, essential for safety. Constructions can include mica fire tape.

Some of our cables under international standards, such as VOV-K, VV-K, RVMV-K, RFVF-K, RZ1MZ1-K, ROVMV-K, VOVMV-K, VHOVMV-K, RVKV-K, RVKVMV-K, RVKVMV-K, RE-2X(St)Y or RE-2X(St)H. Our cable solutions for this industry include technical support with specification, design and supply of cables according to our customers' needs. Over the years, Condenerg has supplied high quality cabling solutions to several of the industry's major companies and their contractors. Our engineering team has a wealth of experience in providing technical support for complex cabling projects in oil, gas and petrochemical applications.

If you have any inquire, we are here to help you.