At Condenerg we manufacture and distribute a wide range of cables, both in copper and in aluminum, to satisfy the requirements and needs of the construction sector, from electrical connections to individual installations in industrial, public or private buildings. Our cables are designed for general purpose applications, to provide power to residential, industrial or commercial areas, as well as in applications where intrinsic resistance to fire, alarm systems, etc. is required. In its design and manufacture, it complies with the strictest safety requirements, complying with the Low Voltage Directive 2014/35 / EU, the CPR Regulation No. 305/2011 / EU as well as the RoHS requirements of the directive 2011/65 / EU .

In addition to standard electrical tests, cables for the construction industry are verified for resistance to twisting, bending, shock, low temperature work, and a variety of other tests depending on the application and customer requirements. We offer an extensive series of market-leading products and accessories for construction and infrastructure projects, both in PVC and Halogen-free and low-smoke emission that reduces the amount of gas and smoke emissions in the event of fires; in this way, a high level of safety is guaranteed for both people and equipment.

Cables like H05V-U , H07V-U , H05V-K , H07V-K , H07Z1-R , H07Z1-K , RV-K , RV-R , RV-U , RVFV-R , RVFV-K , RVMV-K , RZ1-K , RZ1-K (AS +) , RZ1MZ1-K , Z1Z1-K or SZ1-K , as well as cables for security and fire, where Condenerg is the sector leader in the Spanish market, with its AFLEXCOM and FIRECOM range : SZ1-K , SOZ1-K , CR1-C1 , Z1OZ1-K or Z1Z1-K , also available with pre-wired tube. Thanks to our offering and flexibility, we can customize our products to suit individual customer needs, making us the perfect partner for distributors, installers and contractors around the world.

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