Renewable Energy

We offer a wide range of cables, including specific industrial cables for solar systems, onshore wind turbines, offshore wind turbines, hydroelectric dams and biomass plants.

Renewable cable solutions such as the Solar H1Z2Z2-K photovoltaic cable for interconnecting photovoltaic panels with each other and with regulating and conversion equipment to the general power distribution grid.

Hydroelectric and submersible rubber cables, such as H07RN-8-F, provide low-voltage power transmission in freshwater environments or PUR (polyurethane) sheathed control and monitoring cables prevent moisture and bacteria from spreading, for clean operation. Although hydropower is not as clean as others, it does take advantage of renewable sources.

For biofuel production facilities, H07RN-F and H07ZZ-F flexible rubber cables are used for the plants' power generators.

Our commitment to innovation allows us to offer our customers elements of continuous differentiation in this market, also offering for this demanding market communication cables in shielded pairs and optical fibres, with different types of sheaths, depending on the need and location of the same. Water Management Continuing with sustainability and the improvement of the environment, Condenerg also has cables for water treatment, contributing to the supply of clean water. Our complete range of water treatment cables is suitable for the many specific applications in wastewater treatment plants, desalination plants, drinking water treatment plants and industrial-scale water treatment plants. Cables such as H07RN-F, H07RN-8-F, H05RR-F or Drincable are some of the cables we have in stock.

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